The Superior Court Division is supervised by Chief Assistant District Attorney Greg McConnell. The Superior Court Assistant District Attorneys are tasked with the prosecution of felony cases on behalf of the State of Georgia before Chatham County's six Superior Court Judges. The cases range from murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, trafficking in controlled substances, possession of controlled substances to burglary and theft. The Superior Court team also handles expungements, open record requests, and Grand Jury.

Beginning in 2013, prosecution in Superior Court was divided into two divisions. The Major Crimes Division (MCD) and the Other Felonies Division (OFD). This distinct separation of cases was devised and put into place by Chief Superior Court Judge Michael Karpf. This move promised to fast track the trials of the County’s most violent crimes and reduce the overall time it took to bring justice to the victims of these serious crimes and reduce the jail costs for these inmates awaiting trial.

Major Crimes Division
The Major Crimes Division (MCD) handles the most violent and serious felonies committed within Chatham County. This division handles the murders, aggravated assaults, rape, child abuse, and armed robberies committed within Chatham County.

Other Felonies Division
The Other Felonies Division (OFD) prosecuted the remaining felonies that occur within Chatham County. i.e. offenses such as felony drug possession, burglary, arson, theft, grand larceny, aggravated battery and felony sexual battery.

In addition to the MCD & OFD Division, the Superior Court team also handles cases in two prosecution specific areas.

The Counter Narcotics Team (CNT) utilizes two Assistant District Attorneys to prosecute high level drug dealers, repeat offenders, and highly complicated drug cases; such as trafficking in controlled substances. They also assist drug agents in the preparation of legal documents such as search warrants and wire taps.

Child Support Services also utilizes two Assistant District Attorneys to assist the Office of Child Support Services with helping to enforce parental responsibility to pay financial support.

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