The Special Victims Unit (SVU) is staffed by seven attorneys who specialize in the prosecution of domestic violence, child abuse, sex offender registry cases. elder abuse and abuse against disabled adults.

Domestic Violence Prosecution:
The Domestic Violence Prosecutors handles all violent felonies and misdemeanors involving intimate partners, family members and individuals living or formerly living in the same household. These cases are prosecuted in both State and Superior Court.  These prosecutors are actively involved in training local law enforcement agencies about the dynamics of domestic violence and the complicated legal issues frequently encountered in these cases.

Child Abuse Prosecution:
Child Abuse Prosecution is handled by one of the longest serving child abuse units in the state of Georgia; established in 1988. Child abuse prosecutors are specially trained to handle cases involving child victims.

Elder / Disabled Adult Prosecution:
The Elder/Disabled Adult Prosecutor Position was established in 2006 and is one of only four such specialized divisions in the state.  This position prosecutes persons who abuse, neglect or exploit disabled adults or elderly persons (65 years of age or older). 

Prosecuting Registered Sex Offenders:
Although Chatham County is the 6th most populous County in the state, it has the third largest population of registered sex offenders. This is due, in part, to the aggressive prosecution of domestic violence and child abuse divisions.  The District Attorney's Office works closely with the Chatham County Sheriffs Department, the Department of Corrections Probation Division and other local law enforcement agencies to manage this large population of offenders; aggressively prosecuting registered sex offenders who fail to abide by their registration duties.

To access the Chatham County Sheriff's Department’s Sex Offender and Tracking Unit web site visit the S.O.R.T. webpage.

SVU staff can be reached at (912) 652-7308, during regular business hours.