Our judicial circuit, established in 1789, is the oldest in Georgia. We are one of the largest law firms in Chatham County with over 100 employees. Currently we have 37 prosecutors, 2 child support attorneys, 13 investigators and a large support staff. According to the 2010 census, Chatham County has a population of 265,128 making us the 5th most populated county in the state. We prosecute approximately 3,000+ felony cases per year. This is an exceptional office from which to gain trial experience.

We have historically utilized volunteer interns in a way that is mutually beneficial. We are located in a very picturesque city with the typical major crimes associated with urban living. This environment gives our interns tremendous insight into the inner workings of the criminal justice system. For those interns who are rising third year law students, we provide a rich experience of courtroom participation and other practical experience.  Three of our recent hires have started their careers with our office as interns.

In order to apply as an intern, we require:

  • A digital resume
  • A cover letter
  • Attached criminal history authorization

Once received, our office will contact you about position availability.

To submit your completed application, send an email to kcfulford@chathamcounty.org with all required attachments.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Kristin Fulford
Public Information Officer
Chatham County District Attorney
133 Montgomery Street
Suite 600
Savannah, GA 31402